Thursday, November 19, 2009

WYCC 2009 - The 7th Round Results & 8th Round Pairings

The Malaysian contingent at WYCC 2009
( picture from the blog )

Below are the full result in Round 7 for the Malaysian contingent based on the wycc 2009 official website

U8 Open - Amier lost, De Juan won
U8 Girls - De Zen won
U10 Girls - Najiha won

U12 Open - Irfan lost
U12 Girls - Nabila lost, Camilia drew
U14 Open - Jianwen drew , Elgin lost
U14 Girls - Tjin Li drew
U16 - Sumant drew

It is a bit sad since both Malaysian best bets - Nabila and Amier, for title holders could not win their respective games. They need to put away such results, comeback and focus for the next round. Their hope is still there because there are four more rounds.

In the next critical round, Nabila will play black against a player from Greece, SEREFIDOU Despina, who is nearly 200 ELO lower at Table #7 while Amier will play white on Table #13 against Russian player, PRIPOLZIN Anton. Come on! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN WIN!

It is a winning note for the Teh cousins - De Juan and De Zen in Under 8 sections and WFM Najiha. All of them are 4/7 after Round 7. Still a very commendable results.

In Round 8, De Juan will play black at Table #25. His opponent is from Iran - JANNESAR Rad. His cousin, De Zen will play white at Table #18 against ISMAYILZADA Zeynab from Azerbaijan. While in U10 Girls, WFM Nabila has a very good opportunity to win against her opponent, a Polish girl named DMOCHOWSKA Agnieszka who is rated 1568. DE JUAN, DE ZEN & NABILA, SHOW US MALAYSIANS YOUR CAPABILITY! WE KNOW YOU ALL CAN!

In U12 age groups, Irfan will play white at Table #60. He will face a Turkish player, CAN Melih Kaan. At Table #17, Camilia will compete against 1822-rated Indian player, SRIJA Seshadri. If she can draw with a 2000+ rated player, it is not impossible to win the game. GO IRFAN GO! GO CAMILIA GO!

In U14 section, Both Jianwen and Elgin with 3 points will face lower-rated opponents from UAE and South Africa respectively at Table #47 and #50. Jianwen will play white against AL ZAROONI Eisa while Elgin will play black against DU TOIT Stefan.

Tjin Li will play black against BOJC Dasa from Slovenia at Table #43. Her opponent's ratings is 1626. Take the opportunity to win against a rated player!


In U16 section, Sumant with 3 points will play black against THANAROTRUNG Ratchaphon from Thailand at Table #45. His opponent's ratings is about 300 ELO lower than Sumant's. Surely, you can win SUMANT. We at Malaysia will pray for all of you to win as many games as possible to get the best position. MALAYSIA BOLEH! AND SELAMAT BERJUANG!

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