Friday, November 13, 2009

WYCC 2009 - The First Round

( GiLoCatur : The big boys and girl were unfortunate for could not upset their respective opponents.

Full Results:

Bd 20, Sumant vs UDESHI Aditya from India (0 - 1)
Bd 10, Wong Jianwen vs Doros Radu-Marian from Romania (0 - 1)
Bd 16, Elgin Lee vs SAHOO Utkal Ranjan from India (0 - 1)
Bd 36, Ho Tjin Li vs SASMAZEL Burcu from Turkey (0 - 1)
Bd 56, Irfan vs HUBER Martin Christan from Austria (0 - 1)
Bd 14, Nur Nabila vs BIRYUKOVA Anna from Rusia (1 - 0)
Bd 17, Camilia vs MAHALAKSHMI Muganda Kumar from India (0 - 1)

Updated at 11.45 am )

U16 category

Leading the Malaysian chess players in the 2009 WYCC, Sumant Subramaniam with 2068 rating and 80th rank has an uphill task to win againts Indian UDESHI Aditya who has rating of 2330. GiLoCatur is hoping that with the spirit of MALAYSIA BOLEH, Sumant will play all his heart out to show his capability and talent.

In this category, a Swedish International Master with 2500+ rating is the top seed ahead of a Polish GM.

U14 category

U14 Open category is really really strong. With rating of 1905 and 1861 respectively, Wong Jianwen of KL and Elgin Lee Kah Meng, are ranked 79th and 85th. Both play white againts 2200+ opponents. Jianwen's opponent is DOROS Radu-Marian and Elgin's opponent is SAHOO Utkal Ranjan from India.

Hoh Tjin Li started her round with white on Board 36. It means that her opponent is ranked 36th and has 1891 rating. GiLoCatur believes she can match her opponent, SASMAZEL Burcu of Turkey and can win surely. GO girl!

U12 category

Having played in the 3rd APSSO in Jakarta before flying to Antalya, Mohd Irfan Haqqim Azhar began his first round playing white againts HUBER Martin Christian. His opponent has 1935 rating and ranked 56th out of the total 141 participants in his category.

Seeded 14th, WCM Nur Nabila Azman face a Russian girl in the name of BIRYUKOVA Anna. She plays white. While her category mate, Camilia Johari, will play againts 1828-rated Indian girl, MAHALAKSHMI Muganda Kumar on Board 17.

U10 category

Unrated and ranked 57th out of the total 83 total players in her category, WFM Nur Najiha Azman is paired againts a 1612-rated Ulusoy Nisan of Turkey. She starts her WYCC 2009 games with black.GiLoCatur is confident she has the material and experience to win the game.

( GiLoCatur : Well done Najiha for winning the first round game. Updated at 3.05 am )

GiLoCatur notices that WCM IVANA Maria Furtado from India is also participating in her category. She came to play in last year's KLCA Open in Bukit Jalil. GiLoCatur was approached by his father asking for some info.

U8 category

Amier Hamzah Mohd Zuhri began his first WYCC game playing black againts Georgian player named OBOLADZE Luka on Board 20.

( GiLoCatur : Amier drew with his opponent. Updated at 2.05 am )

Meanwhile, his U8 Open country man, Teh De Juan started his first round on Board 48 playing white againts an unrated Israeli player, ERENBERG Ariel.

( GiLoCatur : Teh De Juan lose to the Israeli player. Updated at 2.08 am )

In U8 Girls section, the sole Malaysian representative, Teh De Zen, is playing white againts Latvian player, GOLUBEVA Marija on 31st Board. She is among 85 participants in her category.

( GiLoCatur : Tahniah to De Zen for her first round winning! Updated at 2.00 am )

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