Sunday, November 1, 2009

UIA Chess Open

GiLoCatur and family had arrived at UIA or IIUM (International Islamic University of Malaysia) situated in Gombak, Selangor. The tournament venue changed from the previous two tournaments that GiLoCatur and kids participated. This year the venue for U12 and U21 categories is at Level 3 of Engine 1 Hall while the open category is one floor above i.e. at Level 4. We were greeted and guided by the tournament crews.

After settling the registration and paying the tournament fees which amounted to RM 60 for the three of GiOCatur's children, we found and settled in a room. As of the writing of this entry at around 10.15am, the 15 feet x 15 feet class room is fulled with few chess families. Bukit Jelutong families, Encik Azhar MS family from Jenjarom, Ismail and Yahaya Ahmad families from Kedah wearing their green Jaffolea shirts and Mr Teh family from Penang. Our room is a popular one because it is the closest to the tournament hall.

The tournament is expected to be very competitive since many MSSM state and MSS district players will be participating. In U12 category, Azhar MS siblings - Irfan Haqqim, Puteri Rifqah and Puteri Munajjah, Azman Hisham siblings, Yeoh Li Yuan, Azam, Ee Sun Xin and Anis Fariha of Selangor, the Teh siblings from Penang, Yahaya siblings from Kedah, Sivanesan siblings from Negeri Sembilan, Amier Hamzah and Faizal Roslan from KL and Shreyes Subramaniam from Pahang. Several SKBJ chess players like Aminur Nirza, Nur Faqihah Aminuddin and Affan Amrish who represented MSSD Petaling Perdana as well as Jamil brothers, Fahim Al-Faqeh and Faqih Aminuddin.

The tournament will start at 11.00am, a one-hour delay from the schedule, and most probably will play seven rounds. More update on the tournament later.

***** 11.00 am *****

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