Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dare To Do Flying Fox?

Dare to do an adventurous activity like flying fox? Both GiLoCatur's sons - Fikri and Fahim (above pictures), tried it once while participating in a chess tournament at SMK Taman Bunga Raya (1), Bukit Beruntung last week. GiLoCatur was happy when Fahim, a Year 1 pupil of SK Bukit Jelutong, had the guts to try it. Eventhough he was shaking and afraid at first, but after seeing how it was done by his elder brother he finally made it.

What a flying fox actually? Click here to what flying fox is all about. Do you know that there is a flying fox park in KL? Actually, there is. Go to this link to know further.

GiLoCatur was at a dilemma at first whether to allow Fahim to do the risky activity. But later "tawakkaltu a'lallah" and let him do the flying fox activity. Let him experience and test his bravery and guts. Shouldn't we as parents to encourage our children to have fighting spirits and warriors hearts? Furthermore, let our kids experience new things and explore the world. If not most our ancestors, including GiLocatur's, had braveness and guts, we including GiLocatur and children would not be here in beautiful Malaysia. So, we should be proud of our heritage - have the fighting spirit and guts.

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