Saturday, January 23, 2010

Places To Visit Around Jeram and Kuala Selangor

Tomorrow, Jeram Chess Open will be played at a seafood restaurant named "Restoran Ikan Bakar Pantai Jeram". It is a national-rated event as promised by the organizer. Its format is a rapid game of G/25 (25 minute time-control per player) with 6 or 7 rounds of Swiss System. Insya Allah, GiLoCatur and family leave home in the early morning to reach the venue which is about an hour drive. So, GiLoCatur needs not to stay in a lodging near the venue. Maybe some participants will stay at a lodging for tomorrow's tourney. SEE YOU ALL THERE, TOMORROW!

So for those people, check out below interesting places around JERAM and KUALA SELANGOR.

Kuala Selangor Nature Park - well known nature park for migratory and local birds & other animals at Kuala Selangor.

Kuala Selangor fishing village - fishing village with cheap seafood restaurants.

Pantai Remis - pristine beach beside Pantai Indah Resort, food and souvenir stalls open on weekends & public holidays. Stroll along the beach and collect shellfish or other group activities.

Mangrove Forest Reserve - serene mangrove forest at Pantai Indah Resort, great for collecting seashells, small prawns, fishes, cockles, crabs, clams, hermit crabs. Excellent for educational tours and activities.

Bukit Melawati Historical Hill - where the site of the first Selangor Sultanate's Palace and Altingsburg light house are located. Check out this link and about its history here. ( GiLoCatur recommends! )

Sekinchan Paddy Fields - well known as the golden rice fields of Malaysia.

Tanjung Karang fishing village - old fishing village with cheap seafood restaurants.

Kampung Kuantan Fireflies Sanctuary - well known fireflies sanctuary at Kuala Selangor. Check out this link for further info. ( GiLoCatur recommends! )

Sungai Buloh New Market new market - selling lots of seafood and delicacies in Jeram.

Pasir Penambang market - selling fresh and dried seafood.

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