Saturday, January 9, 2010

McD Mini Blitz Tournament

From Jayati Restaurant in Section 17 of Shah Alam, all except Akmal drove to MacDonalds located in Section 3 of Shah Alam. It is because Jayati has closed. For information, the MacD is open 24 hours. GiLoCatur opted out; not playing. GiLoCatur was the photograper and results keeper.

The format this time is round robin. Still playing 5-minute blitz. Seven rounds played and then GiLoCatur and Fikri went home. While the others still continue playing.

Who is the champion this time? Is it Sahir again? Can he handle the challenge of two new higher-rated opponents - Bro Mudin (1906) and Haq (1835)?

... and the final results

1st : Haq with 6.5/7 points
2nd : Bro Mudin with 5/7 points
3rd & 4th : Sahir and Syed both with 4/7 points. But based on PE (Personal Encounter) where Syed won against Sahir.
5th : Yen Fischer with 3/7 points
6th : Zali Ng6 with 2.5/7 points
7th : Max with 2/7 points
8th : Fikri with only one point

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