Sunday, January 24, 2010

Still Hope For Chess In MSSM???

Below is the excerpt from Tony Mariadass's posting in his blog at that GiLoCatur wants to share with all the readers especially the Malaysians regarding the MSSM saga.

Tunku Imran a firm believer of grassroots development, had naturally expressed his disappointment of the exclusion of 11 sports and the cut of annual budget, to the DPM when he was the guest of honour at the Olympian Night on Jan 16, at the Wisma OCM.

"When I mentioned about the cut of sports in schools, he was totally surprised," revealed Tunku Imran yesterday. Tunku said Muhyiddin's response was: "How can that be. Here I am talking about making sports a policy in schools and here they have cut the number of sports organsied in schools. I am not aware of this."

So who is this person who is more powerful than Muhyiddin to have taken the decisions without even consultation or briefing the Education Minister?

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