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Malaysian Chess in the Year 2009

Below are the Malaysian chess chronicles in the year 2009 that GiLoCatur had covered :

The year 2009 started with New Year's Eve Blitz at Jax Tham's Excel Academy. 15 players participated in the round-robin event including Fikri, GiLoCatur's eldest son. Who was the champion? Ian Udani. Click here for more details.

The Chinese New Year (CNY) Open had attracted about 70 participants. GiLoCatur also played in the 7-round tournament held on 26th and 27th January. The tournament, limited only to Under 1800 NRtg, was won by Zarul Syafiq Zullkafli. With 6.5/7 points, he won prize money of RM 500 plus hamper. Click here for more details.

On 1st February, Unitar Amateur Chess Open was held. Nearly 150 players had participated in the G/25 8-rounds tournament. A good turnout for a local rapid chess tournament. The champion was Cikgu Rizal of Sekolah Menengah Alam Shah, Putrajaya. GiLoCatur had a hard-fought game against him in the first round. Three U12 players were among the top 10 winners.
For more details, click here.

A record of highest participants for a local rapid chess tournament happend at Kelang Chess Open held on 8th February with 411. Ong Thian Loon had edged two FMs - Anas and Mok, to win the Open category. Nabil won the U18 category while Aziz Farhan won the U12 category. GiLoCatur had a chance to upset Cikgu Zullkafli in the tournament. The battle against him will continue forever, hopefully we will meet again in the coming Jeram Open. LOL! Click here if you want to know more.

In early February, Fikri participated in the MSSD of Petaling Perdana chess tournament. It was his first time representing his new secondary school. He was placed second in U15 and later played in the MSS Selangor chess tournament representing his district. While his younger sister, Anis Fariha, managed to win the gold medal for both individual and team events for U12 Girls. In fact, her school had an excellent result in the district tournament. Six out of the total eight players to represent the district were from her school, SK Bukit Jelutong. More? click here

In February there was also a chess tournament organized by CAS which had attracted about 100 players including big names like IM Mas Hafizulhelmi and FM Anas. Unfortunately, Ian Udani was the champion. Click here for more ...

GiLoCatur was quite sad to acknowledge that a rapid chess tournament held in one of the local universities in late February had a low turnout. GiLoCatur hopes such scenario will not happen in the year 2010.

In March, MSSM for chess event was held in Klang. Selangor was the overall champion and won four gold medals including U12 Girls Team category where GiLoCatur's daughter, Anis, was one of the players. It was a happy moment for GiLoCatur as a parent who supports and sacrifices for his children to excel in chess. To see pictures, here

On March 27th, Sargeant Ismail Ahmad had make a Malaysian Book of Records for "Most Simultaneous Chess Opponents". He had to endure for 10 hours playing simultaneously
against 120 opponents where his result was 90+, 21= and 9-. What a feat! Want to see the proof? Click here

Many chess tournaments in April last year.
  • National Age-Group at Pearl Point OUG
  • MBSA Chess Open
  • KL Junior Chess Championship
  • SM Sains Machang Open
  • Bandaraya JB team Championship
  • 36th Selamgor Open
  • Sarawak Chess Closed

In June

GiLoCatur and family travelled to Batu Gajah from Sungai Besar in late May to participate in the Batu Gajah Chess Open. Fikri was the first runner up while Anis was placed third. Wanna read the travelogue? Click here, ok!

10th Asean Age-Group in Vietnam
  • Nur Najiha won gold medal in the U10G category to earn the WFM title
  • Nur Nabila won silver medal in the U12G catgeory to earn the WCM title
  • The Malaysian chess contingent won 3 gold medals.
Nabil won the Open category while Roshan won the Under 12 category of the Kampung Jawa Chess Challenge. The link ... is here

Sumant won the Batu Gajah Clearwater Sanctuary Chess Open.

In July

On 5th July, two Malaysian WCMs - Nur Shazwani and Nur Nabila, dominated the SMK Taman Bunga Raya Chess tournament. Click here for more details.

On 13th July, WCM Shazwani's twin brother, NM Zarul Shazwan won the Laguna Park Chess Open. The URL to check, here

Ian Udani won the DUN Sri Andalas Chess Open. Besides, he also won the lucky draw of a chess clock. The details, here

Other tournaments - UTP Chess Open that was won by Sumant and KL Young Talent Chess Championship. ( here )

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