Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Results of Dun Sri Andalas Open

The champion - Ian Udani.

It's really Ian's lucky day. Beside winning the Open, he also was one of the chess clock lucky draw winners. He was RM700 richer. The other chess clock is won by Nithyalaksmi. Congratulation!

An interesting game between NM Yeoh Chin Seng (right) and Al Farabi Arasid in the first round. Finally, the experienced National Master won the game.

Jason Lim (right) challenged the champion on the top board.

In Round 3, Razali aka Ng6 (right) had an intense game againts a strong chess player, Mohd Hussein Jamil. Finally, the game ended draw.

Under 18 Category

The champion - WCM Nur Nabila Azman with 5.5 points (5 wins, 1 draw)

The winners

Chong Yan Meng
Amira Syahmina Zullkafli
Ashman Raziuddin
Chek Kin Leong
Nurul Adlina Mohd Sulkifly (1st Best U15)
Muhd Faris Aminuddin (2nd Best U15)
Fikri Bin Saleh (3rd Best U15)
Chan Sheng Yip
Farah Amirah Farizal
Muhd Nabil Danial
Tiang Chang Sheng
Nur Farihah Aminuddin

Round 4 : On the top board, the champion played black againts the 6th seeded, Chong Yan Meng, the eventual first runner up.

Round 4: 2nd board - Fikri (white) vs Chek Kin Leong (the 3rd seed), 3rd board - Lee Qing Feng (white) vs Tiang Chang Sheng, 4th board - Chan Seng Yip (white) vs Amira Shahmina, 2009 U15 MSS Selangor player.

38 players both boys and girls in Under 18 section where more than half (23) are Under 15 years old.

Under 12 Category

The champion - WFM Nur Najiha Azman with 5 wins and 1 draw (5.5 points)

The winners

Subramaniam Sivanesan (N 9)
Siti Aishah Sabirin (Terengganu)
Muhd Fikri Farizal
Anis Fariha Saleh
Muhd Irfan Haqqim
Mohd Faizal Roslan
Puteri Munajjah Az-Zahraa (1st Best U9)
Nurulhana Syuhada Mohd Sulkifly
Leong Zhi Chen
Siti Khadijah Sabirin (Terenganu) (2nd Best U9)
Muhd Fahmi Farizal
Puteri Rifqah Fahada (3rd Best U9)

Under 12 section was entered by 43 players. Sivanesan sibblings - Subramaniam and younger sister Nithyalaksmi, came down from Seremban and Sabirin girls - Aishah and Khadijah, came all the way from Terengganu. GiLoCatur pays tribute and salute to their dedicated parents - Mr and Mrs Sivanesan and Cikgu Sabirin and his wife. Keep it up! Hope their efforts and dedication can produce world class chess players like the Malaysian squash queen, Nicol Ann David. To those who do not her, check her website at

WFM Najiha vs Muhd Irfan Haqqim in round 4 on the top board after each with perfect 3 wins.

Under 12 players were waiting for the next round to start.

Chess players and parents during the prize giving ceremony by YB Dr A. Xavier Jayakumar, ADUN Sri Andalas.

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