Saturday, January 9, 2010

JAYATI BLITZ Mini Tournament - 8 Jan 2010

On Friday night of 8 January 2010, GiLoCatur and Fikri, the eldest son, for the first time joined the 17ChessClub gang on a Friday Night Blitz mini tournament. Besides having a practice session, a Blitz mini-tournament of five rounds had been held. The playing venue is Jayati Restaurant located in Section 17 of Shah Alam.

And for the first time, GiLoCatur had officiated a chess tournament. Basically, not being an arbiter yet but a pairing manager. What a wonderful experience for GiLoCatur to learn how to do chess pairings.

Eight players were playing including GiLoCatur. The format was a 5-minute blitz. Below is the final results.

Ranking and cross table after Round 5.

The Rating Results Table

Sahir, the first seed with 1649 MCF-rating, won four games and drew one to be the champion. He drew with Syed in the fourth round. Zahorin or simply known as Yen Fischer, who is ranked fifth with 1551 MCF rating, was second place after scoring 3.5/5 points. GiLoCatur, being the lowest-rated player, had lost all the five games and placed last. LOL!

Bro Mudin had a game with Haq.

Syed (left) and Zali aka Ng6 (right) watched by Akmal (in the middle)

Max (left) versus Yen Fischer (right)

Fikri (left) versus Sahir (right)

Maybe next time other players can join the tournament. Hopefully, such activity can encourage and motivate others to have similar chess session and play at other places.

We have many chess fanatics or GiLoCaturs in this country for sure.

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