Sunday, January 17, 2010

McD Mini Blitz Tournament - 15/1/2010

Once again GiLoCatur was the pairings manager for the McD Blitz mini-tournament held last Friday night. Ten players participated including GiLoCatur. The format was 7-minute Blitz of seven rounds. This time around, the mini-tournament were joined by few Subang Suria gang - Fauzi, Jeffri and Sulaiman Abg Bro and Haq as well as Yen Fischer were not coming but Hashim Jusoh was the replacement as the top seed. Even though hailed from Terengganu, "this (Shah Alam) is my second home" said Hashim whom GiLoCatur met during the De Laguna tournament.

The mini-tournament had attracted someone. He and GiLoCatur exchanged contact numbers. He thinks that chess can be included in his rakan muda program in the future. GiLoCatur also hopes that one day we can have a collaboration to promote chess.

Wanna know the results of the mini-tournament? Actually, the results are not really important in this tournament because it is basically a sparring and training session. But as per in normal chess tournaments, all the players were eager whom they will play against every round, who was leading and what's the score.

So, below are the results and pictures of the mini-tournament.

No one had a perfect 7/7 score.

Sulaiman (left) was punching a different kind of chess clock!

Everyone was focus on their boards, eh!

Fauzi, before the game against GiLoCatur, some sort of a personal rivalry.
Who's winning? You can find out in the above results. :)-

Jeff (orange shirt). Who's the guy with white shirt next to him? Look familiar eh ...

Why Ng6 was smiling? Only he knows ... he made a blunder? or no way his opponent was gonna win?

Normally, Sulaiman spar at Subang Suria with his own gang or "homies". His first session with 17ChessClub gang.

What distracted GiLoCatur, what do you think? Can you guess?

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