Friday, March 29, 2013

Kejohanan Catur MSSM 2013 (Part 4)

The 2013 MSSM chess championship is going to end soon. The final sixth round will begin in about seven hours. So, how is the standing so far? Let's begin with the Under 12 category.

In the Individual L12, Amier Hamzah of WPKL is currently the sole lead. He is in the better position to contribute the Gold medal to his state team. He is paired against Hazid Ekquan of Pahang at the top board. While Yinn Long of Pulau Pinang will play white against Selangor player, Praghashkumar of Selangor at Board 2.

L12 - Individual 
 In the Team L12 event, Pulau Pinang has two match points advantage over WPKL. The former will play against Terengganu while WPKL will be challenged by the host team, Perak. A draw is enough for PP to grab the Gold medal in this category. 

L12 - Team
In the Individual P12 category, Pulau Pinang is leading through its player named Teh De Zen. She edged Selangor player, Puteri Munajjah, in the fifth round. In the final round, De Zen is paired against another Selangor player, Maisarah while Puteri Munajjah will be challenged by Amy Halida. 

P12 - Individual

P12 - Team

In the P12 Team event, it is the battle between WPKL and PP. Both teams have same match points. WPKL has the advantage since its TB2 (Tie Break 2) is 1.5 points more than PP. 

GiLoCatur's prediction for the Under 12 category, WPKL - 2 Golds, PP - 2 Golds!

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