Friday, March 8, 2013

2013 MSSMKL Chess Championship @SABKL (Part 4)

Today is Friday, 8th March 2013. It is the final and penultimate day for the MSSMKL chess championship of 2013 edition.

The final sixth round of the individual event is entering the final hour. So, what's the latest update? Who has the best chance to emerge champions in four categories - L15, L18, P15 and P18. Let's take a look.

Boys Under 15 (L15)

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Faizal Roslan and Dilwen are the only perfect scorers left. Their match up on the top board most probably will determine who is going to become the champion. Playing white Faizal from SMK Seri Bintang Utara won over his opponent Dilwen from Sekolah Methodist Wesley. Shreyes, who is the only player trailing halfpoint, was held draw by Lim Ming Xian of SAB. In the final round, Faizal will play black against Shreyes. Can the latter hold the former to a draw? Then the champion will be decided by tie break. 

Boys Under 18 (L18)

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The current leader in this category is Liew Ken Yew from SMK Seri Bintang Selatan. By Round 4, he won all his games. He was paired against Tan Wei Hao of SMK(L) Methodist in the fifth round. The former continues his winning streak. In the final round today, he is challenged by Albert Ang Keliang, the school mate of Wei Hao. While the top seed, Tan Jun Feng, is paired against his school mate, Chan Yan Meng. Both need to win to earn better placing. Fikri from SM Sains Alam Shah has to face Yap Wan Lin from Sekolah Sri Garden at table 5. Both have 3.5/5 points.

Girls Under 15 (P15)

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The host school, SMK Aminuddin Baki, is depending on Tan Li Ting to give them the Gold medal in P15 category. She is leading the section by one full point. Her final hurdle is long-time mssm team mate, Camilia Johari from Sekolah Seri Garden in the final round. A draw is enough for her but GiLoCatur believes that Camilia will go for a win. Li Ting's younger sister, Wei Ting, can be among the Top 3 winners if she wins in the final round against her opponent from Sekolah Methodist Wesley, Wong Zi Qi. Another SAB player, Kashmira, plays white at table 2 against Nutul Aina Akmar of SMK Seri Bintang Utara.What the results would be?    

Girls Under 18 (P18)

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Interesting result happened in P18 category. The top seed player had her first defeat to her CBN (Convent Bukit Nenas) opponent. Now the other hot favourite, Latifah Kaiyisah of SMK St John, will face Siti Nadia Qarmila from CBN school at the top board. Kaiyisah has the edge to win over her opponent and emerge the champion in this category. Can she win? Let's wait to find out.

It is less than 15 minutes before the 2013 MSSMKL chess championship is going to be over. And it may be the last time for GiLoCatur to be at the MSSMKL state chess championship since Fikri will leave school at the end of this year. Or Fahim may be schooling in KL? Wallahua'lam.

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