Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 MSSMKL Chess Championship @SABKL (Part 2)

The team event of the MSSMKL chess championship had just completed today. Five rounds had been played - two yesterday and three today, 22 teams in the Boys section and 24 teams in the Girls category. So, the results had been known.  Which team had emerged as the champions? 

The Boys section

The hot favourite team, SMK (L) Methodist, emerged as the champion in the Boys section. It thrashed four teams including both SM Sains Alam Shah led by Fikri Saleh and SMK Aminuddin Baki led by Tan Jun Feng before it drew with its last opponent, SM (P) Chong Hwa. The first runner up was won by Sekolah Methodist Wesley with 8/10 match points. Three teams shared 7/10 match points. Therefore, their placings between third and fifth are determined by the game points tie break.

Boys section

The Girls section

The host team, SMK Aminuddin Baki, led by Tan Li Ting managed to stop SMK Convent Sentul led by Pavitranayagi, from being the champion in the Girls section. In the final round, the latter which had won all its previous four rounds was beaten by the former which had won three and drew one. SMK Convent Sentul was lucky enough to have higher game points so that it was declared the first runner up over two other teams with same 8/10 match points. SMK Seri Hartamas edged SMK Seri Bintang Utara to the second runner up position by just mere half game points.SMK Kepong Baru was fifth after scoring 7/10 match points from three wins and one draw.

Girls section

SM Sains Alam Shah was lucky enough to win its final round when playing against SMK Kepong Baru. After the first three boards completed their games, the results was 2 to 1. The last board was still paying. GiLoCatur thought it would be a draw where SMK Kepong Baru's 4th board player would win since he is a stronger player and has higher ratings. But when the game was over, the point was won by the SM Sains Alam Shah's player. What a sweet victory for SM Sains Alam Shah chess team. With the 3-1 win, the team had secured the fourth placing. "FIGHT TILL IT AINT OVER", right?  

... the final round of the team event ...
SM Sains Alam Shah 2013 chess team
SM Sains Alam Shah 2013 chess team ... free style ...
A Big Congratulation to all the winners!

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