Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kejohanan Catur MSSM 2013 (Part 3)

The MSSM chess championship is halfway. Three rounds had completed. Three more rounds to go. So, what's happening? Is Selangor or Wilayah Persekutuan KL (WPKL) or Pulau Pinang on right track winning their targeted Gold medals? Let's take a glimpse on the results thus far.

Under 12 Team

In the Boys section, WPKL team was the champion for the past two years. But this year, based on the list of players, GiLoCatur predicts that Pulau Pinang (PP) will become the champion. The actual results thus far, both WPKL and PP are the only teams which won all their three rounds. In other words, both teams have the perfect 6 six (6) match points. But WPKL is leading the group because it has better game points  i.e. full twelve (12) game points compared to PP. In the fourth round these two teams will play each other. What is the result gonna be? A win by either team or a draw?

In the Girls section, PP is the defending champion. If they win this year, it will be a hat trick. But at the moment, PP is trailing WPKL two (2) game points even though both teams have same six (6) match points. Like in the Boys section, WPKL and PP will also play each other in this category. In GiLoCatur's opinion, both teams have equal chance to win. 

How about the Selangor (SEL) team especially in the Boys section where GiLoCatur's son is playing? After losing to PP in the third round, SEL needs to win the next three rounds in order to be on the podium. Its fourth round opponent will be Pahang.

Under 15 Team

In the Boys section, WPKL is leading right now with maximum match points. PP as the defending champion was held to a draw by Johor. While Selangor could only get half point playing againts WPKL in the third round. In the battle of top two boards in the fourth round, WPKL will play PP while Johor will play Selangor.

In the Girls section, the Selangor team had also the same results as its Boys team playing against WPKL. Both WPKL and PP are the current leaders in this category. Their fourth round match up will be a tough battle. GiLoCatur strongly believes that the winner will emerge as the champion.

 Under 18 Team

In the Boys section, both WPKL and PP are the current leaders. WPKL defeated Selangor while PP defeated WP Labuan with the same score of 3 1/2 to 1/2. Yet another WPKL and PP match up in this category.

In the Girls section, PP is the sole leader. Both Kelantan and Selangor are trailing half point. PP will play against Selangor while WPKL will be challenged by Kelantan.

It will be tense battle in the team event especially to both WPKL and PP. They will play against each other in all categories except P18.

GiLoCatur has to sign off now to get rest for the fourth round in less than six hours. As in Spanish, "asta manyana" or see you tomorrow.

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