Monday, October 17, 2011

UPSI Chess Open - The Champions

Sunday, 16th October 2011
Tanjung Malim

During the closing and prize giving ceremony for the UPSI Chess Open today, all the winners came to the podium to receive their medal and prize money after two days of gruelling chess matches. Three categories were competed in the tournament. Due to low participation in both primary and secondary school categories, the number of rounds were reduced from seven to six rounds. The format of play is 60 minute (G/60) per player. Three rounds each day. 

While in the open category, the number of rounds is increased from seven to eight. This is because the number of participants is close to 130. Due to majority vote, one more round is added in the first day to make it five rounds. The time control is reduced from 60 minute (G/60) to 45 minute (G/45) per player. But the time control is as per schedule, 60 minute per player, in the second day. Thus, the tournament ended at 10pm in the first day, two hours late than the schedule.

What a gruelling first day of chess tournament for a five rounds of 45-minute time control. Normally, only four rounds for such time control in one day. It is really tiring especially for GiLoCatur since has to send Anis and Fahim as well as their mother to a chalet resort where we stay for the overnight before the last round for the Open category starts at 8.00pm. It is about 15-minute drive to the chalet known as Kalumpang Resort & Training Center (KRTC) that is located 10 kilometers from the tournament venue.  

GiLoCatur has many to update on the tournament. In this entry, let's GiLoCatur first update on the champions for each category of the tournament.

Izzah (left) in Round 6 against her sister

The champion in the primary school category is Izzah Halim. She won all her first five rounds. In the last round, she drew with her younger sister, Farhana. Izzah came all the way from Segamat, Johor with her family where his father and younger brother also took part in the tournament. 

The champion in the secondary school category is Mohd Aziz Farhan. He scored 5/6 points from 4 wins and 2 draws. He came to play in this tournament with his elder brother, Daniel Iskandar, who is the second runner up in the same category.

Aziz Farhan (right) in Round 5

As expected, the Malaysian top chess player IM Mas Hafizulhelmi has a rivalry with the former UPSI chess open champion, Ian Udani the Malaysian-based Philippines chess player. They drew against each other in the seventh round and won all their other rounds. Both have equal score of 7.5/8 points. But IM Mas is declared the champion due to better tie break.

IM Mas vs his Round 4 opponent

 Syabas and Tahniah to all the category champions in the fifth edition of UPSI Chess Open. Until we meet again, Insya Allah, in the sixth edition next year.

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