Monday, October 3, 2011

2011 NRCC - The Final Ranking

Do you want to know the final ranking for the 2nd NRCC? Check out below, double click the picture for larger view.

Final Ranking - Open category

The Open category champion, Sumant Subramaniam, came back strong from the second round defeat to win the next six consecutive rounds to record 7/8 points. He won the trophy and the money prize of ONE THOUSAND Malaysian ringgits. Check out the complete final ranking cross table for the Open category here.

Final Ranking - Age Group / Under 16
This year, all the age group participants played in one big group which is the Under 16. The reason is the small number of participants for each group even if combined boys and girls of the same age group like last year. It is obvious that less than 50 players participated in the age group.

If you want to see every round pairings or a particular player's opponents for the Under 16 section, go to here.

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