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5th UPSI Chess Open - GiLoCatur "MengKerojekan" Or "Dikerojekan"?

Of the five UPSI Chess Open editions, GiLoCatur only had participated in two of them. GiLoCatur took part for the first time in the 2nd edition in 2008.

During then, GiLoCatur's national rating was just 939. GiLoCatur scored 3.5/7 points and was placed 43rd out of 81 total players. In that tournament, GiLoCatur consistantly played Queen Gambit when playing white. GiLoCatur also had an interesting and balanced match against a 1600+-rated opponent. Obviously at that time, GiLoCatur's endgame far weaker than today.

After three years, GiLoCatur has improved much better. The ratings has jumped from below 1000 to more than 1400 better  by 400 points. 

Last weekend, GiLoCatur won five (5) games and lost the other three (3). A good result for GiLoCatur to be among the top 40 out of total 130 participants. GiLoCatur was seeded 41st. The seeding is actually not accurate since many more rated players whom ratings were not listed. It is either the player himself or herself does not know or remember his or her ratings. Or it is simply missing in the process. 

By the way, a chess player should know and remember his / her ratings. Yes, our national ratings need further improvement but it requires time. Insya Allah, GiLoCatur will try to talk about this matter in other time. You can check your ratings at Gilachess website at below link.

So, back to the seeding. GiLoCatur should be seeded more than 60th since based on GiLoCatur's check at the above link at least 20 more players have 1500s and 1600s MCF ratings.

GiLoCatur's first opponent is a novice or beginner. He played black. We were at table #41. As usual, GiLoCatur played Queen Gambit and GiLoCatur believes the opponent did not have a clue what opening is being played. He gave away (blundered) two pieces - a knight and a rook during the opening stage. One more thing, he kept asking GiLoCatur while recording his moves. 

Recording is very important when participating in chess tournament. Malaysian chess players especially the beginners need to take note of such importance. It is very common in the Malaysian chess scene especially in the rapid format that many players do not record. The discipline in recording chess  moves of IM Mas should be  followed by us. That's why GiLoCatur prefers G/45 and G/60 format or time control because normally record moves is compulsary like in this tournament. It gives GiLoCatur comfortable time to record and keep a copy of it.

Chess Clubs in Malaysia must teach their members about this aspect. Make it a practice to record during club practice.  

In the second round, playing black GiLoCatur played French Defense against a non-rated player. A check at Malaysian Chess Rating, he has actually about equal ratings as GiLoCatur. He castled queen-side and left the d file open for GiLoCatur. His strategy was to capture as many pawns as possible but leaving the king open for attack.

16. Rd4 c5 17. Rd6 Nf5 18. Rxa6

In the third round, having full 2/2 points GiLoCatur was paired against Mohd Fadzil Nayan at table #4 who is rated 500 points higher. Surely, GiLoCatur is a no match for him. GiLoCatur had a bad move on the 10th resulting in a fork.

GiLoCatur's next opponent was Muhammad Hairul Masdol (below picture). He is a non-rated player. After his 32nd move, GiLoCatur has the winning edge when one piece up and managed to fork his rook and queen. But unfortunately, due to the time pressure and inaccurate moves GiLoCatur lost the game when his two pass pawns were unstoppable. Due to his lack of tournament exposure, he did not claim when GiLoCatur's time had already ended. Hairul told GiLoCatur that he normally has the sparring session near KL UTAR near Wardieburn Camp.

long-haired Hairul

In the fifth round and the final game of the tournament's first day, GiLoCatur was paired against a University student named Mohd Haniff Sidek. GiLoCatur was late about 7 minutes since need to send GiLoCatur's wife, Anis and Fahim to the chalet where we stayed over the night. It was the lowest board for GiLoCatur at the tournament after two wins and two defeats. 

25. Rf3 Rfc8

GiLoCatur got the advantage when managed to have double rook in the 32nd move. What made GiLoCatur happy is that GiLoCatur managed to convert the advantage to a win and did not fumble in the endgame stage. So, GiLoCatur had 3/5 points at the end of the first day.

During the same round however, GiLoCatur's eldest son, Fikri lost to his opponent whose name is also Hanif. After having three consecutive wins, Fikri had two consecutive defeats.

In the second day of the tournament, GiLoCatur won another two games and lost one. 

Once again, GiLoCatur had a double rook combination. It was lethal because GiLoCatur managed to capture opponent's rook. Then, the win was GiLoCatur's when the opponent allowed GiLoCatur to have double rook combination at the 7th rank.

In the seventh round, GiLoCatur was paired against below player.

Norzaiasron Yahaya

Based on the name in the pairing list, GiLoCatur quickly identified him. He was the first runner up in the recent Cerdik Catur Semi Pro tournament. He said that he just made a comeback to chess tournament as a warm up for his coming inter-BSN chess competition. 

GiLoCatur had already found out about his old ratings. He was rated at 1556 but under "Nor Zaisoon Yahaya". Surely, GiLoCatur found out that he is a very strong opponent and played solidly.

R7 - GiLoCatur vs Norzaiasron

GiLoCatur did not reply correctly when he made 8. .. e5 move. GiLoCatur thought that 9.e4 is the best move. His e pawn need to be stopped from marching to e4 square or else a fork for GiLoCatur. GiLoCatur's low-version Fritz suggests to move the white bishop on d3 square. Any other suggestion? 

Saleh Abd Latif (1430) - Norzaiasron Yahaya (1556) [E61]
5th UPSI Open (7.18), 16.10.2011

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e3 d6 5.Nf3 0-0 6.h3 Nbd7 7.Bd3 Re8 8.0-0 e5 9.e4 exd4 10.Nd5 Nxe4 11.Re1 Ndc5 12.Bxe4 Rxe4 13.Rxe4 Nxe4 14.Nxd4 c6 15.Ne3 Qh4 16.Qe1 Bxd4 17.Ng4 Bxg4 18.Qxe4 Qxf2+ 19.Kh2 Be5+ 20.Bf4 Qxf4+ 21.Qxf4 Bxf4+ 22.g3 Bxg3+ 23.Kxg3 Be6 24.b3 b5 25.cxb5 cxb5 26.Rc1 Rc8 0-1

GiLoCatur did not anticipate the danger of the Queen. 15. .. Qh4 really suprised GiLoCatur. GiLoCatur could resign at this stage but GiLoCatur continued to see how GiLoCatur "dikerojekan". 

In the last round, GiLoCatur was very lucky for being escaped from "dikerojekan" by the only GiLoCatur's lady opponent. If in the previous rounds, GiLoCatur used the lethal "double rook" combination to win, this time around GiLoCatur's opponent had the combination.

Round 7 - 28. Rde2 Reb8 29. Rxe3 Rxb2

Luckily, with one knight down GiLoCatur managed to "mengKerojekan" her. GiLoCatur believes she would be so frustrated that she lose and could not "mengKerojekan" GiLoCatur. That is chess. You have to fight until the end especially if you play against amateur chess players like GiLoCatur.

In short, GiLoCatur is very happy with own performance in the 5th UPSI Chess Open. Hope GiLoCatur will play again next year. DARE TO PLAY AGAINST GILOCATUR? :)-

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