Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Luck To Malaysian Team In The World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad

GiLoCatur would like to wish GOOD LUCK to the Malaysian team that will take part in the World Youth Under 16 Chess Olympiad scheduled from 24th October until 1st November.

Malaysian WYU16CO team

ranked 10th out of 27 teams

Below is the email from Mr Jeffrey Wong:

To Malaysian Chess Bloggers:
The Malaysian squad left for Izmit, Turkey for the World Youth Under 16 Chess Olympiad at 10 AM, 23rd October. The squad consists of Roshan, Jianwen, Eng Chiam, Elgin and Li Tian. The Team Manager is Mr. Lee Ewe Ghee. The send off at KLIA was officiated by MCF Deputy President, Tuan Haji Ibrahim Abu Bakar.
There will be 27 teams participating this year. Russia is ranked first with an average rating of 2455, followed by Azerbaijan (second) with rating of 2361  and India with a rating of 2351. Malaysia is ranked 10th with an average FIDE rating of 2058. There will be three GM's and three IM's with numerous FMs participating in the Under 16 Chess Olympiad this year.
The official website for the tournament is on, and it is reported that the all boards will be broadcast live. Get more details of the players, schedule and results from the tournament that will start at 10PM KL time, 24th Oct.


Malaysian Reporter at WYCC09 said...

Thanks for posting about the U16 team in Turkey. The boys are about 1000km away for the earthquake in another part of Turkey. So all is well on that front. However, some of the boys do not have their baggage when they  disembarked at Antartuk airport in Istanbul. Hopefully, this problem will be solved quickly.

GiLoCatur said...

It's just a small matter about the posting.

Hopefully, everything is OK. About the luggage problem, it is just a small obstacle GiLoCatur hopes. GiLoCatur has faith in Mr Lee and other parents (if any) to settle the issue.

Keep us updated. TAKE CARE!