Saturday, December 12, 2009

Singapore Chess Festival - Commonwealth Open

Two 2009 Malaysian Masters semi-finalist, IM Mas Hafizulhelmi and IM Lim Yee Weng, are participating in the on-going Singapore Chess Festival in the Commonwealth Open category. Joining both of them is NM Edward Lee, who is also one of the Malaysian Masters contenders.

About 20+ players whom most of them are International and FIDE Masters from five different countries - Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India and South Africa. The top seed is an Indian IM, Ashwin Jayaram. IM Mas is ranked fourth, IM Yee Weng is ranked eighth while NM Edward is ranked 22nd with ELO 2114.

In Round 5, all of Malaysian players won all their respective games. So, their accumulative points so far up to the fifth round.

IM Mas - 3.5/5

IM Yee Weng - 2.5/5

NM Edward Lee - 2.5/5

In the next round (Round 6), IM Mas will meet the top seed at Table #1 playing white. It is a challenging match, but based on ELO ratings, it is not that wide gap. IM Mas is capable to beat his opponent.

While IM Yee Weng will play black against Indian FM at Table #6. Based on ratings, he has the upper edge but in chess anything can happen. You need to be on top form during the game. Hopefully, he can win this game to be on the top. Same thing goes to NM Edward Lee. He will play black against an Aussie (Australian) player. His decision to enter this section, in GiLoCatur's opinion, is wise. He can gain more experience and exposure for top level play.

So, Good Luck guys!

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