Friday, December 18, 2009

The 2nd National Junior Chess Championship - Day 3

The Open (Boys)

Top Table : Sumant (5/5) vs NM Evan Timothy Capel (4.5/5)
2nd Table : Low Jun Jian (4/5) vs Yeap Eng Chiam (4/5)
3rd Table : Justin Ong Way (4/5) vs WCM Nur Nabila AH (4/5)
4th Table : Syakir (4/5) vs Izz Saifuddin (4/5)
5th Table : See Kai Loong (4/5) vs Nabil AH (4/5)

Pairings Round 6

Round 5 Results

The perfect scorers - WCM Najiha and Sumant, met at the top table. Sumant showed his strength and wits to beat Nabila. Thus, Sumant is leading with 5/5 points. Will someone stop him cruising through to be the new National Junior Master (NJM)?

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