Sunday, December 6, 2009

The 2nd Dragon Capital Vietnam Chess Open

Syabas and Tahniah to IM Mas for winning in Round 5 against a Vietnamese Candidate Master. And it is really sad for Malaysia that IM Yee Weng lost his game. GiLoCatur hopes that he make a comeback to win all the remaining four rounds. Same goes to IM Mas. The defending champion, GM Quang Liem looks unstoppable after winning against fellow countryman.

In the next round tomorrow morning, Mas will sit on Table #2 at the black section against a Vietnamese IM, the 12th seed. While Yee Weng will play a female opponent for the second time. So, Good Luck to both of them.

A question that pop up in GiLoCatur's mind is whether Ashwin Jayaram, an Indian IM, can stop GM Le's top form.

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