Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The 2nd National Junior Chess Championship - Day 1

the Boys (Open) category - Round 2 Pairings

Not many upset results in the first round. Most higher-seeded players won their respective games. At Table #18, the unrated Lum Zhun Hoong defeated Sirajuddin Munawir, the son of Cikgu Fuad, from Kedah. The latter has MCF ratings of 1557.

Both Table #25 and #26 drew. At Table #25, Faris Aminuddin from Shah Alam, the former SKBJ chess player, managed to draw with Aron Teh Eu Wen (MCF 1477). In the pairings, he is not rated but actually his MCF ratings is 1217. While at Table #26, Daniel Iskandar, the elder brother of Aziz Farhan, (MCF 1443) also drew with his unrated opponent, Muhammad Hazim Bin Mohamad from Perak.

For Round 2, 8-year-old Amier Hamzah managed to beat 15-year-old and higher-rated Muhd Nabil. He is really happy with the win, his father as well. Such result surely makes the tournament more interesting.

As for Fikri, he won his first round. Then in the second round, he played white at Table #8 against Sarawakian fifth former, Ahmad Afiq Afyfy Rosli. He missed a possible draw with the 1938-FIDE-rated player.

the Girls category - Round 2 Pairings

Three interesting results in the first round for the Girls category.

1) The second seed, Sarika Subramaniam, lost to Puteri Nur Fariza Ahmad Darji

2) Camelia Johari (MCF 1468) managed to draw and escape a defeat at Table #8.

3) Ainur Nadirah Zulkifli (MCF 1169) won against Latifah Kaiyisah Latib (MCF 1465)

As for Anis Fariha, she won her first-round game. But she was stopped in the second round by Vickie Hong Wee Ki where both are studying in the neighboring schools in Bukit Jelutong. The former in the primary while the latter in the secondary.

Among the last games to finish in the first round is the game between Winnie Hong Wee Ki, the sister of Vickie, and Nur Farihah Aminuddin. Winnie managed to win at last.

Fikri (right with black shirt) vs Ariffuddin (left with green shirt)

The top seed, Amira Shahmina of Selangor, (left) vs Nur Munirah Mat Rahim (right), one of the Perak players in this tournament.

The top seed, Yeap Eng Chiam, (left) vs Tan Yong Zhao

Fikri vs Afyfy (right) in the 2nd round. On his right is Wong Jianwen.

The ever supportive father and chess parent from Perak, Mr Raymond Siew, who is the Perak team manager in this NJCC. He will have his own personal chess blog soon.

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