Friday, January 3, 2014

Fikri Versus Shukor, Then ... 5 Years Ago (2008) and Now (2013)

GiLoCatur just realized that GiLoCatur have known Abdul Shukor Arajah since 5 years ago. Below picture is the recorded evidence. Unfortunately, GiLoCatur does not know much about him except he is from Sabah and a good chess player. Even though sees him many times in the local chess tournaments, GiLoCatur never asks about his personal life and info.

On 2009 New Year's Eve, Fikri who was 12 years old then played black against Shukor. The result was 0 - 1. 

On 2014 New Year's Eve, once more Fikri played black against Shukor in the fourth round. The result? Still 0 - 1. 

Fikri needs to improve further his chess skills and knowledge and practice more and more in order to beat Shukor in chess. Will they meet again? Maybe. Just the mighty Allah knows. 

Fikri against Shukor ... on 31st Dec 2008

Fikri against Shukor ... on 31st Dec 2013

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