Saturday, January 4, 2014

GiLoCatur's Blog Visits and Page Views Analysis

One of GiLoCatur's new 2014 year resolutions is to become more active blogging. It is very obvious that GiLoCatur's blogging activity in the year 2013 was declining and at the lowest point. Part of the reasons might be two of GiLoCatur's children were sitting important examinations last year. Fikri for SPM while Anis for PMR. 

It has been more than 5 years since GiLoCatur created this blog. Let's do some analysis about this blog. 

5 years (2009 - 2013)

First, let's check the blog's number of posts or entries. 

Put 2008 and 2014 aside. 2008 is not complete blogging year. 2014 has just started.
In which year GiLoCatur was very active updating the blog? Which year has the lowest posts between 2009 and 2013?

It is no doubt that last year GiLoCatur's Blog had the lowest update. Only 52 entries had been posted. The highest number of entries had been submitted in year 2010. Hopefully, year 2014 will be a record-breaking. GiLoCatur's target is 380 posts. Can GiLoCatur do it? Let's wait until 2014 end.   

GiLoCatur uses Sitemeter to track the number of visits and page views of this blog. Just for a record, this blog's codename for the Sitemeter is s32gilocatur

Surely, many of you would like to know what the heck is Sitemeter.

Let's GiLoCatur provide the brief info on website visits and page views. Because these two will be the essence for next charts.

So, now you already know what is a visit and page view by Sitemeter's definition. What is the difference between the two. 

GiLoCatur will use 3,000 as the benchmark for the number of page views.  In 2009, this blog had only 3 months not passing the benchmark number. It has the highest number of page views in November. The entries in this month is the second highest (39) in 2009. Why November had the highest page views in that year? The answer is most probably due to GiLoCatur's coverage and entries on wycc or world youth chess championship. 

GiLoCatur's Blog enjoys improvement in audience visits and page views in 2010. For ten consecutive months since January in 2010, the number of page views surpasses the benchmark i.e. 3,000. In January, March and June, even the number had reached 6,000. In March 2010, GiLoCatur had little coverage on NAG. While in June the same year, the updates on the National Closed had attracted many blog visitors.

In 2011, the attraction of this blog had declined from the previous year. It is most probably due to the number of of entry updates had reduced half from 357 entries to just 229 entries. GiLocatur's Blog had surpassed the 3K benchmark on visits only one occurrence which is in June.

Surprisingly, in following year i.e. 2012, even though the number of blog posts had reduced again from 229 to just mere 111, the number of page views is over the benchmark most of the months.

It is very obvious in year 2013, due to GiLoCatur's inactive blogging, the number of page views had dropped significantly to below 1,500 especially in the second half of the year.

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