Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Malaysian Chess Rating Page

To all the Malaysian chess players, do you know what is your latest national rating? What is your rating progress? 

To those who don't know, we can check our Malaysian chess rating online. Malaysian "otai" chess blogger, Gilachess, has created a page for a Malaysian chess player to check his or her rating progress. A couple of days ago when GiLoCatur checked the rating, the latest one was on April 2013 release. But now, the page has been updated to October 2013 release. As in his facebook, Gilachess is going to update for the latest January 2014 release soon. Thank you, Gilachess for updating the Malaysian chess rating database.

GiLoCatur hopes that the Malaysian chess community will make use the Malaysian Chess Rating to the fullest. It can be accessed from anywhere at anytime as long as the internet connection is in place.

Below is GiLoCatur's national rating.

1. Key in the page's URL, http://myrating.gilachess.com/
2. Key in your name, in GiLoCatur's case, SALEH
3. All the names with "SALEH" will come out 
4. Select your name

the Malaysian Chess Rating Page

Rating progress chart
 Not bad huh, GiLoCatur's rating graph as per above.
GiLoCatur's rating since Jan 2010 release
If not mistaken, the above rating database is missing three releases - JUL 2012, OCT 2012 and JAN 2013. It would be great if these releases could be added to. 

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