Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 MSSD Chess Championships in Selangor

This is a photo report on several MSSD chess championships held in Selangor last week. The photos are borrowed from facebook namely of Hero Sifu Raja Aljubs, Razali Hamzah aka Ng6, Cikgu Aida, Cikgu Zarul Shafiq and SK Kota Warisan's blog

MSSD Gombak

SK Taman Melawati chess team

SMK Taman Melawati chess team with their coach Ezmi

U12 event

U12 event

MSSD Hulu Selangor

Cikgu Zarul Shafiq and his school winning chess players

MSSD Petaling Perdana

Venue : SMK Setia Alam

U12 event

U12 event

DGT electronic chessboard

SK Seksyen 9 chess team (under coach Sarjan Ismail Ahmad)

SKBJ chess team (under coach Sarjan Ismail Ahmad)

MSSD Petaling Utama

venue : SMK Bandar Seri Damansara 2

Ng6 with his son's school chess team

L12 section

MSSD Sepang

SKKW chess team

Top Board match on screen

U12 Girls section

U12 Boys section
GiLoCatur notices lots of improvements in the MSSD chess championships nowadays especially in Selangor. Many school chess teams have started to hire chess coaches. Furthermore, more and more chess parents are more supportive by spending time at the championships giving moral support to their beloved children. Several MSSDs have used DGT electronic chessboard showing Top Board games on LCD projector. 

More and more school chess club teachers are taking seriously on the development, training and performance of their chess players. More and more chess parents assist their children' school chess clubs  in various ways. This parents-and-school chess clubs collaboration should continue and growing. More and more quality junior chess players need to be developed and groomed. Come on all Malaysian chess community - coaches, players, parents and teachers, let's work together to build better and bigger chess community and develop more young chess players. The keyword is CHESS DEVELOPMENT. WE LOVE CHESS, don't we?

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