Sunday, January 5, 2014

MALAYSIA Mampu Julang Piala Dunia!

Have you read the following article published in a local Malay daily newspaper today?

Berita Harian, 5th Dec 2014
Honestly, glancing at the newspaper stand this morning and seeing the above article, GiLoCatur freezes for a couple of minutes. 


GiLoCatur's fantasy thinking says, "YES, SURE MALAYSIA CAN!".

GiLoCatur's rational thinking says, "YES, SURE MALAYSIA CAN AND AGREES with the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister, " ... sekiranya semua pihak termasuk sektor swasta berusaha gigih merealisasikam impian besar itu.

BUT GiLoCatur's reality thinking says, "HOW IT IS POSSIBLE IF MALAYSIA STILL FAILS AT BOTH ASEAN AND ASIAN LEVEL?". A "false hope, maybe?"

Anyway, GiLoCatur wishes that Malaysia will eventually at least once can play in the World Cup. 

What do you think?

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Raymond Siew said...

I think it is possible if we can remove the people that is keeping Malaysian chess backward and then change the back door culture we now have.