Wednesday, January 15, 2014

JAN 2014 National (MCF) Rating Has Been Released Today

To all Malaysian chess players, have you checked your new national (MCF) rating?

It has been released today. Check out the Malaysian chess rating officer, Tse Pin's blog here to download the new rating files.

For GiLoCatur's family, it is one plus, two minuses and one unchanged. The change in the national rating of GiLoCatur's three children is based on one nationally-rated chess tournament in the past three months which is the Sepang chess festival Open. Since GiLoCatur did not take part in the chess tourney, GiLoCatur's national rating remains the same as of the October 2013 rating.

The eldest son, Fikri, had a "plus" performance in the tournament. He played one lower-rated opponent, one unrated opponent and four higher-rated opponents. He won both against his unrated and lower-rated opponents in the first and final round respectively. Fikri's results against his four higher-rated opponents are one win, one draw and two defeats. The win is against 1815-rated player in second round while the draw is against 1938-rated player in the third round. Click here to view Fikri's performance in the Sepang Open chess tournament.

Fikri gained 24 points in the tournament. Thus, his MCF rating which remains the same since April 2013 release i.e. 1624 has increased to 1648. His younger sister, Anis Fariha, who also had her national rating unchanged for three consecutive quarters could not increase her rating. Even though, her PMR exam completed much earlier that his elder brother, she has much much more to improve in order to gain more ratings by winning against higher-rated opponents. 

Similar to her elder brother, Anis played against one unrated, one lower-rated and four higher-rated opponents in the Sepang Open. She could win against the unrated and lower-rated opponents. BUT she could not win a single game against her four higher-rated opponents. She had two 1600-rated, one 1750-rated and one 1900-rated players to win against. Click here for her full results. Anis lost 19 points in her national rating from the only rated chess tournament she took part in the last quarter. Her last national rating of 1466 is now decreased to 1447.

If previously Fahim, GiLoCatur's youngest child, had an increase in his national rating, now he has a decrease. Fortunately, the number is less than the increase earlier. His national rating was 1529 in October 2013 release. In the new national rating release today, Fahim's new rating is 1523, a decrease of 6 points. In the Sepang Open which has no separate Under 12 event, Fahim had to play against three lower-rated and three higher-rated opponents. Here, is the list of all Fahim's opponents in the Sepang Open. Fortunately, Fahim had no problem winning over his lower-rated opponents. But Fahim still has problem and long way to go to beat his more than 300-ratings opponents. Among his three higher-rated opponents, two are rated over 2000 and the other one is rated about 1800. 

GiLoCatur hopes that Fikri, Anis and Fahim will participate in many rated chess tournaments both local and international in the next quarter. Fahim will be in his final year of the primary school education. He will sit for UPSR in September. Anis had completed her PMR and is getting to her upper secondary school. Fikri had completed his SPM and secondary school education. He is getting ready for his college education. So, he has ample time to catch up his chess before the hectic college life begin.

How about the Chess Ratings Mission set in 2013? Have it been achieved? And what is the mission for the year of 2014?

Only one is achieved. Fahim managed to get his FIDE ratings in January 2013 release. 
Therefore, the Mission is not much different for the year 2014. Ratings wise, the target number for Fikri to achieve is decreased from 1800 to 1750 and Anis is decreased from 1650 to 1600. As for Fahim, his target ratings is increased from 1600 to 1650. While for GiLoCatur still remains 1550. GiLoCatur would like to add a new mission which is to get a FIDE rating. GiLoCatur hopes that GiLoCatur can take part in a couple of FIDE-rated chess tournaments.  

GiLoCatur wishes that more achievements to come for Fikri, Anis Fariha and Fahim in the year 2014 including in chess.  

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