Saturday, January 4, 2014

Have You Backup Your Blog?

4th Jan 2014, Shah Alam

No chess tournament to participate today. GiLoCatur decided to make BACKUP of this blog. It is very important to do so. Anything could happen like your blog being hacked, being corrupted or incidentally deleted. It would be a nightmare especially you have been blogging for so many years. 

Like GiLoCatur, this blog had been started since mid 2008. It is more than 5 years. It has more than 1100 posts. Therefore, GiLoCatur should backup the blog. 

Are you a blogger? Do you know how to backup a blog in Blogspot? It is not that hard. Let GiLoCatur tell  you how.

Export blog option

Choose Settings in your blog, then click Other tab. 

You will see Export Blog option on the top under Blog tools section. Click the option, the backup process will start. Keep the backup file save.

The size of the file is not that big. As for GiLoCatur's Blog, it is only about 7.7 MB.

[GiLoCatur : Found an interesting article that might be very useful to the Blogspot bloggers. The article is how to download a complete backup of a Blogger blog. added on 4/1/2014, 2.15pm]

So, Happy Back Up! :)-

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