Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 MSS Selangor State Chess Championship

GiLoCatur strongly believes that all the ten Selangor MSSDs have completed their respective chess tournaments by now and already have the list of players to represent their respective MSSDs in the upcoming MSSS chess championship. 

When and where the championship will be held? Maybe many parents have yet acknowledged. 

For this year edition, MSSD Hulu Langat will be the host. As per announcement in two MSSDs i.e. Petaling Perdana and Kuala Selangor, closing ceremony and MSSD Petaling Utama Chess FB page, the venue for the tournament will be UKM Bangi. UKM is one of the public universities in Malaysia located in Bangi, Selangor. UKM is the acronym for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or the National University of Malaysia. The tournament is scheduled to be held less than two weeks from now. The tentative schedule is from 10th untuk 13th February 2014

the venue for 2014 MSSS chess tournament

a meeting at PPD Hulu Langat

GiLoCatur believes all the MSSDs have their training next week after the Chinese New Year holiday. Not much time left for the players who will represent the ten Selangor MSSDs to train and make preparation. Surely all are vying to be in the MSS Selangor chess contingent in the MSSM chess championship to be held in Sarawak during the first school break in late March.

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