Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chess Petaling Utama FB Group

Who are the champions in six different categories in the MSSD Petaling Utama (PU) chess championship this year? When and where it is held? When is the MSS Selangor chess championship? Where to get the answers for these questions? 

GiLoCatur just found out about the facebook group of Chess Petaling Utama (refer below picture). GiLoCatur salutes the effort of creating the MSSD's facebook page to provide relevant info and updates. Is Petaling Utama the only Selangor's MSSD that has such facebook group? How about other nine (9) MSSDs in Selangor? Maybe MSSS Chess PT - Cikgu Sufiah and Cikgu Idris, can encourage other MSSDs to do the same. Many especially chess players and their parents are "dying" for info and updates on MSSD chess tournaments. 

Having facebook group for MSS chess tournaments info, updates like final ranking and photos is a great effort to promote and popularize chess in the country. 

BRAVO MSSD Petaling Utama!

MSSD = Majlis Sukan Sekolah-sekolah Daerah (District Schools Sports Council)
MSSS = Majlis Sukan Sekolah-sekolah Selangor (Selangor Schools Sports Council)
PT = Pengerusi Teknik (Technical Chairman)

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