Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GiLoCatur's Family MCF Ratings

The Malaysian national ratings or MCF ratings is already out few days ago. You can get it from IA Lim Tse Pin's chess blog here. Surely, it took lots of efforts by Tse Pin to work out the long-awaited ratings. On behalf of the Malaysian chess community, GiLoCatur would like to say thank you to him.

So, how is your MCF rating? A plus? A minus? A no change?

As for GiLoCatur's family, only both Fikri and Anis had their ratings change. They both participated in the NJCC or National Junior Chess Championship last month. Fikri has a minus or decrease. His ratings is down 43 points to 1521. It is really a challenge for him to improve the rating to reach the 1650 mark. Fikri has to gain +129 points in order to achieve his MCF rating target for this year. While Anis surprisingly managed to gain 53 points to make her rating become 1391. It is closer to her rating target of 1500. GiLoCatur said "surprisingly" because she stopped her chess activities for nearly six months to focus on her UPSR exam.

Fikri in NJCC

Anis in NJCC

GiLoCatur hopes that more and more nationally-rated chess tournaments are and will be organized this year. DO NOT AFRAID to participate in rated chess tournaments. DO YOU DARE! or ADA BRANI! Such tournaments are important for the Malaysian chess to improve and develop.

So, folks! Practice, practice, and practice. Learn and study more chess. Improve your national ratings. Show that you have improved. Show that you are better.

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