Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wow! "Blogger untung RM1 juta"!

"Blogger untung RM1 juta"

Wow! Bloggers like GiLoCatur are smiling reading the above story in last weekend Berita Minggu's frontpage news coverage.

Blogging can be a well-earned career or job.

The blogger highlighted in the news paper is MIRA ABU BAKAR or popularly known as Redmummy for her blog identity. GiLoCatur wrote about Redmummy in March last year under the entry of "GiLo ... RED!" here. One interesting fact about Mira is she plays chess, and is the lady's champion for five consecutive years in her company's annual chess competition. Kenape? Tak percaya? Click here to see the proof.

Another blogger being highlighted is AIMIE HARMELIA MOHD HASHUMI, the blog owner of JEJARIRUNCING ( http://jejariruncing.blogspot.com/ ). She is in fact happened to be the girlfriend of Malaysia's first goal keeper, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, who helped the team to win the AFF Suzuki Cup.

SO, how about chess bloggers like GiLoCatur? Can they earn, no need 1 million or 100k or even 10k, say just 1k per month? (Sorry, you don't know what k stands for? 1k = 1000). GiLoCatur would be very happy enough with that amount. Because GiLoCatur can use that money for chess. HOW our chess blogs can become like the Redmummy or jejariruncing blogs? Any idea?

[GiLoCatur : By the way, Redmummy does not earn RM1 million per month or even per year. She earns about 10k per month from blogging. So, around 100k per year. More reasonable and logical. But still a very good earn, you know. More than GiLoCatur's professional monthly salary. hu hu hu ... In this case, GiLoCatur must 'bersifu' with her and her hubby. LOL ...]

One of GiLoCatur's targets this year is to improve the blog, to attract more visitors, to promote the blog to reach non-chess community and to outreach as many people as possible.

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