Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Bye 2010, Welcome 2011!

The year 2010 had left us. Today is the first day of the new 2011 year. The above numbers are very symbolic especially for an IT guy like GiLoCatur. Why? Because 010111 looks like a BINARY number, just short two to make it a meaningful one.

What is a BINARY number? GiLoCatur does not want to explain it here. Just check it out with Mr Google. For all chess enthusiasts, check out this link for a story that links between the power of a binary number and chess.

So, what we had achieved during 2010? What we had not achieved in the whole year from what had been planned, visioned, targeted and wished? We have to make a post-mortem, muhasabah, and kajiselidik the reasons or root causes that resulted in the failures. Surely, we need to plan, strategize, and make targets for the new 2011 year including chess development and advancement.

How about for GiLoCatur and family? Ofcourse, the year 2010 had given GiLoCatur and family both sweet and bad memories, both achievements and failures. GiLoCatur will write about them later.


GiLoCatur would like to wish a very blessed and successful 2011 year!

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