Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chess ... Dulu-Dulu (Part 1)

Starting from today, GiLoCatur will create and write entries for Chess ... Dulu-Dulu. The entries are about chess events of the yesteryears from the collection of Encik Bakri, the father of FM Anas and his sister, WFM Alia. GiLoCatur uses the same name of the facebook group created by Encik Bakri.

Chess event : The 4th ASEAN Age Group Chess Championship

Where : Brunei Darus Salam

When : 2003

Can you name the young Vietnamese GM in the above picture who was playing against FM Anas (right)?


zabbura2002 said...

he plays in wijk an zee group b ;)

Ilham said...

Great effort, tuan Haji!