Sunday, January 2, 2011

Soroton ... 2010 ... Flashback - Part 1

Ratings is the KPI or Key Performance Index for chess players. So, let's see about it.

For chess, there are two ratings that a Malaysian chess player can earn or obtain. A FIDE rating obtained when playing against opponents who have one in a FIDE-rated tournament. And a National rating or MCF rating earned when participated in a nationally-rated chess tournaments.

Based on the latest FIDE ratings as per here, in the Men's category, IM Mas is still the top Malaysian chess player with 2418. He had 9 games in the last two months. In fact, he is the only one who has 2400 ratings. IM Mok is in second place with 4 points short of the same ratings division. As far as GiLoCatur observes, there is no junior player among the top 10. NM Edward Lee is at 17th place while NJM Eng Chiam is at 20th place. Malaysian best chess future, Li Tian, is at 23rd place. It is a challenge in the year 2011 for all the junior players to climb up the ladder to be among the best Malaysian chess players.

How about the women section? As shown in the following chart, experienced and matured Wahiduddin sisters, Nurul Huda and Khairunnisa, are among the top three. No one has 2000+ ratings. The Malaysian top woman chess player has only 1977 ratings. So, isn't it a good target or objective to have more players that have 2000+ FIDE ratings? Contrary to the men category, the Malaysian women chess are dominated by the juniors. It is GOOD! isn't it? In fact, in the year 2010 Malaysian several women players had achieved chess titles. In the Chess Olympiad held in Khanty-Mansiysk, three of the five team members earned 1 WFM and 2 WCMs. The Azman sisters - Nabila and Najiha, earned their respective WCM and WFM titles in the ASEAN age group held in Vietnam.

The majority of the Malaysian women players in the below list earned their FIDE ratings in the year 2010. So, how about the others like Sarika, Nur Farihah, Teh De Zen, Latifah Syamimi, Anis Fariha, and the Sabirin sisters, just to name a few? Have they plan and target to get the FIDE ratings this year? What MCF can do to assist and motivate our women and girls chess players? Has MCF put "to increase Malaysian chess players in the FIDE list" in its agenda? Surely, the parents like GiLoCatur would target and dream for their chess-playing kids to earn the FIDE ratings.

As for GiLoCatur, the mission for Fikri to earn a FIDE rating had been achieved. He earned his FIDE rating in July from two tournaments - the Selangor Open and the National Closed Championship. But for the national ratings mission (as per stated in the right column of this blog), GiLoCatur and the kids did not achieve the target.

So, what are the missions and targets for GiLoCatur and the kids in the new 2011 year in terms of chess ratings?
  • Fikri to reach 1750 FIDE ratings
  • Anis to earn her FIDE ratings
  • Fikri to surpass 1650 MCF ratings
  • Anis to surpass 1500 MCF ratings
  • Fahim to reach 1300 MCF ratings
  • GiLoCatur to reach 1300 MCF ratings

How about you?

To all Malaysian chess fraternity - MCF, chess officials, chess players, chess fans, parents, and chess coaches, let's get united and play our respective role in developing, promoting and popularizing CHESS in our beloved country. GiLoCatur hopes MCF will plan and implement a mechanism and programs to encourage and motivate more players to get FIDE ratings as well as to improve the ratings for those who already have. An incentive like giving recognition certificate is an example. GiLoCatur also hopes that all its major chess tournaments like the National Close Championship, the National Age Group, and the National Junior Chess Championship will be both nationally-rated and FIDE-rated.

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