Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Chess Tourney @SMK Tok Muda Sungai Siput Perak


GiLoCatur just found out that a chess tournament will be held at a school named SMK Tok Muda Abdul Aziz on 30th January 2011, the same day as DATCC Renegade Rapid. It is very good that such tournament is being organized at the school where education takes place. One of the objectives of the tournament is as a warm-up or preparation for MSS District tournament.

The tournament fees are inexpensive - RM 6.00 for the school pupils and RM 10.00 for the open (adults). It is organized by the school's chess club and PICA. The format of play is G/20 or 20 minute per player of 7-Swiss rounds. The one-day tournament is scheduled to start at 9.00am. Be at the school's hall at 8.30am for the tournament briefing and registration. All the school children especially from Perak state are very welcomed to participate.

The prizes will be divided into 8 categories where six of them are for the school children - L12, P12, L15, P15, L18 and P18. Trophies will be awarded to the top three for each category. As for the Open category, hampers will be given to the top three for each men and women category.

Please pra-register by fax to 05 5951371 (attention to: Encik Shamsuddin Salleh) before Friday, 28th January.

For further details, please sms/contact:
  • Encik Abu Bakar M Abdullah (014 2510852)
  • Encik Shamsuddin Salleh (012 4565077)
(GiLoCatur : GiLoCatur believes both of them are school teachers, so don't call during schooling hours okay.)

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