Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is Malaysia Ready For 26th SEA Games Chess?

Indonesia will be hosting the 26th SEA Games in November 2011. Palembang which is located in South Sumatera has been chosen as the main venue for the games participated by eleven South East Asian countries including Malaysia.
GiLoCatur is very happy that CHESS will be one of the 44 sports disciplines included. In its 25th edition two years ago in Laos, chess was not included. Eight gold medals are at stake for chess in the 26th SEA Games. Where the venue for chess is going to be? It will be at the Jayakarta Daira Palembang Hotel (below picture).

Indonesia has started its selection process for the chess team. Currently, 71 Indonesian chess players are competing in the Seleknas Catur SEA Games to be included in the team to represent the country in the chess event during the SEA Games in November. Six players among the men and women each will be joining GM Susanto and WGM Irene for the Indonesian chess team. Read here and here if you want to know further details of the selection tournament and criteria. Maybe we can learn something from them.

If you want to know who will be selected, go to here and here.

How about the chess team for Malaysia? How is the preparation? When and how is the selection? What is the medal target? If Indonesia which has grandmasters and made early preparation just target TWO gold medals, what is the realistic target for Malaysia then? Just silver or bronze medals?

[GiLoCatur: Thanx to Syazrin for highlighting the Indonesian Seleksi Nasional Catur SEA Games 2011 in his blog.]

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dalam paper hari ini ada berita malaysia tidak akan menyertai kesemua disiplin sukan dipertanding,harap2 catur tidak menjadi mangsa