Saturday, November 1, 2008

Second Round Sarawak Open

Round 2 Pairing

Fikri vs Halim Haji Led on Table 19.

Fikri could not manage to secure a win in the second round againts an adult player whose national rating is about the same as his. Playing white he resigned after 50th moves.

Irfan vs Michelle Lim Wan Chen on Table 18.

Irfan crushed his opponent in quite a short time. He won after 14 moves and the game is among the earliest to finish.

My 2nd round opponent, a Sarawak state player with 1927 FIDE rating.

I was againts a FIDE-rated player, Faeznor Razali in the second round. My time was more than 1 hour while his was less than 10 minutes. Even I could draw this game but I was for ultimate challange, either I win or I lose. Unfortunately, my ending skill is not enough to secure a win from a top young Malaysian player. Even I blundered very badly in the endgame stage. What a pity!! What a miss!!

In the top ten boards, the results are as expected. Except on Table 2, Lim Zhou Ren upset the third seed and on Table 8, David Hukom won againts the 9th seed. And on Table 9, WPM Ismail Ahmad drew with Charles Lucas.  

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