Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Round Sarawak Open

YB Dr Abang Haji Abdul Rauf made a chess move to officiate the tournament. 

The first round game started at around 9:00 pm. After the opening ceremony officiated by YB Dr Abang Haji Abdul Rauf, the sponsor of the tournament, the briefing and the first round pairing had been carried out. 

Below are the first round games for me, my kid, Fikri, and Irfan.

Fikri vs Yahaya Ahmad from Kedah on Table 36.

Playing black, Fikri drew the game after 44 moves.

Irfan vs Mr Robin Chong on Table 30.

Playing black, Irfan also drew in the first round.

My opponent for the first round on Table 38, Arnold Ong.

A good start for me as I checkmated my opponent after 34 moves. I wonder who is gonna be my next opponent in the second round.  Other results, most of the higher rated players won their respective games. One big upset is when a Singaporean FM was defeated by a top Sabahan player, Abdul Sahim Wising.

Not a bad start for the three of us. After the game finished, we had our dinner at McD. While walking home to the hotel we snapped few pictures in front of the "Kucing' monument. Really need a rest since there will be three rounds tomorrow.

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