Saturday, May 2, 2015

Selangor Open & Encik Hamid Majid

The Selangor Chess Open is on going at this moment. This year is its 42nd edition. GiLoCatur and family began to take part in the longest local chess tournament in its 35th edition in 2008. 

In the 2008 Selangor Open, GiLoCatur took part with Fikri and Anis. GiLoCatur still remember we rushed from Gombak after Fikri finished his MSSS chess championship debut to the tournament's venue at the Selangor Pewter building. 

In this entry, GiLoCatur would like to share with GiLoCatur's blog readers the photos of Encik Hamid Majid who was the arbiter in the 35th edition and is also the arbiter in the 42nd edition this year. 

One question in GiLoCatur's head right now, how many Selangor Open that En Majid has arbitered until today? Is there anyone besides him who can answer?

2008 - photo by Andrew Gilachess

2015 - photo by GiLoCatur

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