Monday, May 4, 2015

Selangor Open - Top 10 Rank After Round 7

The 42nd Selangor Chess Open is in its 8th round. It is currently being held at Kompleks Belia & Sukan Kampung Pandan. So, who is the current leader after Round 7? 

Filipino IM, Rolando Nolte, is leading the tournament with 6.5/7 points. In the sixth round he drew with IM Mas Hafizulhelmi of Malaysia who is at the second place with 6/7 points. Four players share 5.5/7 points. Li Tian, the second seed, who just got his FM titleship recently is at the the third place. Yesterday, in the 6th round, Li Tian overcame the challenge from Nor Ilhamuddin Shaik Ali.

Of the six Malaysian players who are in the Top 10 list below, three of them are teenagers below 17 years old. They are Li Tian, Amir Ghaazi and Lik Zang. GiLoCatur hopes all of them will progress further and represent Malaysia in the Chess Olympiad.

Rank after Round 7 - Top 10 (click here for full list)

Round 8 - Li Tian plays against Sumant

Amir Ghaazi (right) plays against 8-time Selangor Open champion, IM Jimmy Liew

The final 9th round will be played one hour earlier today, which is at 2 o'clock. It is going to be a challenge indeed for all the participants for having just one hour rest especially for those who complete their game at one o'clock.

writing from Kompleks Belia & Sukan Kampung Pandan

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