Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sayonara MSS Selangor Chess Championship for Anis

The MSS Selangor chess championship had been held last week from 20th until 23rd of April 2015. For this year edition, PPD Hulu Selangor is the host. The venue for the championship is Kuala Kubu Baru sports complex hall.

GiLoCatur's only daughter, Anis Fariha, took part in the championship. It is the final MSSS chess championship for her. Anis had been taking part in the championship since 2009 representing PPD Petaling Perdana for two years (2009 - 2010) and PPD Kuala Selangor for five years (2011 - 2015) respectively. 

Alhamdulillah, Anis has won three (3) Gold medals, four (4) Silver medals and two (2) Bronze medals. As a father, surely GiLoCatur is very proud with Anis' achievement in the MSSS which GiLoCatur never achieve before. GiLoCatur had even never taken part in any MSSS championship during the school days.

Another feat for her is since her debut in the MSSS chess championship in Sepang 2009 edition until recently concluded Hulu Selangor 2015 edition, Anis is one of the MSS Selangor chess contingent in the MSSM chess championship.

Here are another interesting facts.  All the other three team mates in both 2013 Sepang (P15 Team Champion) and 2015 Hulu Selangor (P18 Team Champion) editions are her KUSESS school mates. KUSESS is Kuala Selangor Science School or its Malay name, Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuala Selangor.

Below are several photos of Anis in the MSSS chess championships.

MSSS 2012 - 1 Gold & 1 Silver medals (P15)

MSSS 2014 at UKM Bangi

MSSS 2015 - 1 Gold & 1 Silver medals (P18)

MSSS 2015 - P18 Team Champion

MSSS 2015 - Anis and her KUSESS team mates
MSSS 2013 - P15 Team Champion

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