Friday, October 25, 2013

Good Luck To All Participants In The UPSI Chess Open

GiLoCatur would like to wish GOOD LUCK and ENJOY THE GAME to all the participants who will take part in the UPSI chess open which first round will start tomorrow morning. Once again, GiLoCatur and family have to miss one of GiLoCatur's local chess tournaments. 

In this blog, GiLoCatur has been writing about the past UPSI chess tournaments quite a lot especially the editions in which GiLoCatur attended. Key in "UPSI chess open" in the Search This Blog field, you will get the list of entries on the tournament.

A question comes into GiLoCatur's mind, "Is Ian Udani participating in this year edition?" Why such question? It is because for GiLoCatur, Ian is very synonymous with the tournament. Ian has been very successful in the tournament. Go to this entry to find out. 

UPSI chess open flyer

By the way, do you know what edition would be this year?

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