Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Top 3 Winners of 5 UPSI Chess Open Editions

The UPSI Chess Open was just been concluded last weekend. This year is its 6th edition. To GiLoCatur's knowledge, this chess tournament began its annual tradition since the year of 2007. GiLoCatur and the kids had attended three of the total six editions. We missed to take part in the two-day event last weekend since GiLoCatur's children need to focus on the final examination. 

For those who were not at UPSI and want to know the final results of the tournament, please check out the chess-results website at following links - Open. Secondary and Primary categories.

The champion of the Open category went to Malaysian-based Filipino Ian Udani. In GiLoCatur's opinion, Ian has great record and the most successful chess player in the UPSI Chess Open so far. Why GiLoCatur said that? Check out the Top 3 Winners of the UPSI Chess Open editions below.

Does anyone know who were the Top 3 Winners for its first edition in 2007? If yes, please let GiLoCatur know.

2008 Champion

Ian Udani became the champion in both 2008 and 2009 editions. In 2008, the first runner up was won by Kamaluddin Yusof aka Abang Bro while the 2nd runner up spot was grabbed by NM Mohd Kamal Abdullah.  In 2009, Nur Nabila Azman Hisham becomes the only girl/lady player to be among the Top 3 Winners  so far after she managed to win the 1st runner up spot. Who was the 2nd runner up? The answer is Abdullah Che Hassan. 

2009 Champion

In the 2010 edition, it was an all-Malaysian affair. Mohd Syakir Shazmeer, the eldest son of Azhar Mohd Said, who was the champion of the Secondary school category in previous year, emerged as the champion of the 4th edition. The second and third placing went to Mohd Saprin Sabri and Sumant Subramaniam respectively. If GiLoCatur is not mistaken, Ian did not participate that year. 

Ian Udani came back in the following year. But its attempt to win the championship hattrick in 2011 was stopped by the then Malaysian top chess player, IM Mas Hafizulhelmi. Both of them drew against each other and had same points. But the former i.e. IM Mas emerged as the champion because he had better tie break. while the latter i.e. Ian Udani was declared the 1st runner up. Who was the 2nd runner up? The correct answer is Mohd Syazwan Zulkifli.

IM Mas (left) - 2011 Champion
Last weekend, both IM Mas and Ian Udani took part in the 6th edition of the UPSI Chess Open. The former was to defend his title especially against his rivalry opponent, the two-time champion Ian. While the latter wants to make a history to become the first one to make the hattrick in winning the chess tournament. At last, Ian Udani fulfilled his mission when he managed to win over IM Mas in the sixth round. In the final round, a draw is enough for Ian to score 6.5/7 points and won the championship. Even though, IM Mas won his last round game but a draw with another Filipino player in the fourth round and having 5.5/7 points he was denied to be among the Top 3 winners. Two players with 6/7 points had pipped IM Mas to emerge as the 1st and 2nd runner ups. They are Nelson Villanueva, another Malaysian-based Filipino chess player, and Aram Varahram whom GiLoCatur believes is from India. [Correction - Iraq, 19/10/2012 00:48am] If that so, it is the first time to be all-non-Malaysian Top 3 Winners affair in the UPSI Chess Open editions.

Isn't it a great achievement for Ian Udani to emerge champion THREE times and became the first runner up ONE time in the total FOUR editions of the UPSI Chess Open he participated? In cash terms, no doubt Ian had accumulated the most money prizes in the history of UPSI Chess Open. Well Done, Ian! 


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Aram is from Iraq

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