Sunday, October 20, 2013

New National Chess Rating ID

What is your latest national chess ratings?

The above questions is for the Malaysian chess player. The October or Quarter 3 (Q3) release had been published by the Malaysian rating officer, Lim Tse Pin, in his chess blog (here) several days ago. For the info, 19 chess events had been submitted for the national rating. Please go to Tse Pin's chess blog to find the list of the nationally-rated chess events. In fact, a chess rating ID has also been introduced starting this Q3. It is a 9-Alphanumeric ID. It is something new. BRAVO for the effort.

Below is the national chess rating ID for GiLoCatur's family:

MCR000212 - Fikri
MCR000591 - Anis Fariha
MCR000386 - Fahim Al-Faqeh
MCR000479 - GiLoCatur 

What is your national chess rating ID?

Rating wise, only Fahim's changed. He took part in two nationally-rated local chess tournaments namely KUSESS Team Open and Swensen Age Group. Fortunately, Fahim gained points in both tournaments. He gained 29.4 in the former and 17.4 in the latter. Thus, having accumulated 47 points in total, Fahim's national rating improves from 1482 to 1529. 

So, what is the national chess rating of GiLoCatur? The answer is 3 more points to 1500. Get it? GiLoCatur hopes to take part in at least one nationally-rated chess event in Quarter 4 and managed to pass the 1500 mark. 

Both Fikri and Anis have not been playing in chess tournaments since the MSSM chess championship. They have big examination this year. As of now, Anis had taken her PMR exam, while Fikri has less than one month for his SPM exam. Fikri is rated at 1624 nationally while his sister, Anis, is rated at 1466.

Beside the national chess rating, there is another chess rating being used in Malaysia. It is Cerdik Catur Rating or CCR in acronym. Neither GiLoCatur nor GiLoCatur's children has the CCR. It is because we have yet participate in any CCrated-chess event. Except Fikri, we will have CCR after taking part in the "Kejohanan Catur Rekreasi Alam Sekitar FRIM" next month.

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