Thursday, December 8, 2011

3rd Penang Heritage City International Chess Tournament - Day 2

Four of the total nine rounds had completed. GiLoCatur and family left the tournament hall quite late because Anis, GiLoCatur's daughter, were among the six last players (meaning, three boards) in the Challengers section to finish their games. Both boards 3 and 5 were finished at about the same time. The last board to finish is board 14 between Teh De Zen and Lim Yu Chia. Their match resulted in a draw. 

Anis was playing on board 3. His opponent was Ramone Mikgail Kok. Meanwhile, Kelly Lim Pei Ying of Penang won the board 5 battle. He She defeated Daniel Iskandar Noor Akbar. (note: what a big grammatical error! It's like a blunder in chess. :(  - 10 Dec 11, 12.12am )

Teh De Juan is leading the Challengers section, which the majority of participants are youngsters, with the perfect 4/4 score having better tie break than three other players who have similar score. Trailing half point, five other players including Anis are vying to be among the leaders by the end of the third day.

Let's find out later.

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