Sunday, December 4, 2011

The 1st Kompleks 3C MPSJ Chess Tournament - The Final Round Pairings

Today a chess tournament for local amateur chess players was held at MPSJ 3C Complex. Only participants who have national ratings of 1600 and below could take part. GiLoCatur accompanied both Anis and Fahim in the tournament. Anis has 1500+ national ratings while both GiLoCatur and Fahim have 1400+.

It was a big turn out since more than 150 chess players took part. A dedicated Cikgu Sabirin drives all the way from Dungun, Terengganu so that his two daughters could participate in the tourney.

Below are the pairings of the final round which is the eighth.

page 1 - The top 25 boards

page 2 - Next 36 boards

page 3 - the bottom twelve boards

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