Saturday, December 31, 2011

2nd Singapore International Youth Championships Updates - The Girls Categories

Below are the winners (Top 10) for the 2nd Singapore International Youth Championship (U8, U11, U14 & U17) for the Girls categories based on

Four Malaysian U8 Girls took part in this event from the total 25 number of participants. Two of them are ranked among the top 10 (above picture). Chua Jia-Tien won the second spot after collecting 7/9 points. She won SGD 800. While Goh Jie Yi won SGD 200 for winning the 9th place with 5/9 points.

Six Malaysians played in the Girls U11 category led by Puteri Rifqah as the top seed. Three of them are among the top 10 placings. Rifqah was placed 6th (SGD 300) while her younger sister Munajjah was placed 10th (SGD 200). De Zen won the 8th spot with 6/9 points. She gets SGD 200 for her efforts.

GiLoCatur believes that Malaysia had the best results in Girls U14 category. Two of four Malaysian representatives in this category dominated the top two spots. Nur Najiha brought home SGD 1,000 for being the champion with 7/9 points. Having same point but lower tie break, Tan Li Ting is the first runner up and won SGD 800. Kelly who took part in Asian Amateur, Penang Open and NJCC before going to Singapore is placed 9th with 5/9 points.  

Syabas and tahniah to all the Malaysian girl players!

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